Counting Customers Adaptable Analysis and Reports

Counting Customers

Sistema automatizado para la recolección y análisis de datos basado en visión artificial, registrando la cantidad de personas que ingresan/egresan de un lugar determinado.

Counting Customers is an automatic counting system that lets clients collect and analyze data based on Image Recognition that registers the number of customers entering or exiting a given location.


Counting Customers es un producto adaptable y aplicable a diferentes rubros: comercios, transporte, establecimientos públicos, entre otros.

Counting Customers can adapt quickly to meet client needs and growth.

Analysis and Reports

Counting Customers cuenta con un potente dashboard de reportes y análisis de datos donde el cliente podrá ver diversas estadísticas de sus locales.

Counting Customers has a powerful dashboard where clients can preview, manage data reports and analyze activity at their locations.

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Counting Customers is an automated system for the collection and analysis of data based on artificial vision. The system can record the number of people entering /exiting from multiple locations, commercial and public facilities, and transportation centers and vehicles.

The system allows for the management of single locations, a network of establishments and for making comparisons between different locations in the same network.

It features a powerful dashboard that allows different types of statistical reports for decision making in real time, including the following:

System functionalities:

• Incoming data distributed by day, week, month and year.
• Comparison between different establishments within a network.
• Overall performance between all branches.
• Updates in real time.
• Statistics from a range of dates.
• Visualization and analysis of data in a graphic format.
• Data exported in Excel documents.
• Ability to interface the system with other platforms (ERP, CRM, etc).

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New features

  • App development for Smart Devices (iOS, Android) for visualization and data analysis.
  • New set of reports.
  • Personalized Alert Management Module.

Advantages of  Counting Customers

Customer Quantification

Precisely measures how many customers are present at a business location; or how many customers entered or exited at any given hour, day, week, month or year.

Better management of employee resources

Better management of employee resources by collecting accurate data including how many customers are in a business at any given time, and the activities and behaviors of customers while in an establishment.

Optimizing marketing actions

Optimizing marketing actions with accurate data on the number of people entering businesses. For example, by learning on a particular day of the week that client intake is low, a company can generate discounts or specific benefits for that day.

Improve establishment layout

Improve the efficiency of an establishment by identifying where customers spend most of their time, including at registers, product areas or customer service.

No need for third-party equipment

No third-party sensors are used; all equipment is provided by Counting Customers.

Easy installation and support

Counting Customers can quickly install and meet the needs of every client, including technical support.

Remote Access

With remote internet access, the client can display collected data from anywhere in the world.



Counting Customers allows clients to access data and reports from any location or device,
and provides remote support, and automatic upgrades and system enhancements. 

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